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Whale sperm, orgasmic feet top 2011 bad science list年度最伪科学大奖:鲸鱼精液让海水变咸?


本文摘要:Whale sperm, orgasmic feet top 2011 bad science list年度最伪科学大奖:鲸鱼精液让海水变咸?


Whale sperm, orgasmic feet top 2011 bad science list年度最伪科学大奖:鲸鱼精液让海水变咸?From whale sperm to colon cleansers to the shape of a womans foot when she has an orgasm, celebrities did not disappoint during 2011 with their penchant for peddling suspect science in the worlds media.从鲸鱼精液、结肠清洗剂、到女性高潮时脚的形状,2011年,名人们在全球媒体上宣传伪科学的偏爱可真为忍痛大家沮丧。In its annual list of what it considers the years worst abuses against science, the Sense About Science (SAS) campaign named reality TV star Nicole Polizzi, Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann and American singer-songwriter Suzi Quatro as top offenders, with their dubious views on why the sea is salty, the risks of cervical cancer vaccines and the colon.在科学智识的组织票选的年度伪科学榜单中,真人秀明星妮可波利兹、共和党总统候选人米歇尔巴赫曼、美国创作歌手苏西?奎特萝名列榜首,他们公开发表的怀疑言论还包括鲸鱼精液造成海水变咸、宫颈癌疫苗危害,以及结肠是万病之源。I used to get a lot of sore throats and then one of my sisters told me that all illnesses start in the colon. I started taking a daily colon cleanser powder mixed with fresh juice every morning and it made an enormous difference, Quatro told the Daily Mail newspaper.奎特萝告诉他《每日邮报》:我以前总是喉咙痛,后来一位姐妹告诉他我说道,所有的疾病都始于结肠。

于是我开始每天早晨喝一份结肠洗手粉,用鲜果汁冲调,后来感觉好多了。The colon is very important in some diseases, but it certainly is not the cause of all illnesses, said Melita Gordon, a consultant gastroenterologist said in the review.胃肠病专家顾问梅利塔?戈登在这期总结总结中说道:结肠对某些疾病来说很最重要,但决不是万病之源。While the review is partly about entertainment, the campaign group stresses it also has a serious aim to make sure pseudo-science is not allowed to become accepted as true.虽然这期总结总结是半娱乐的,但该的组织特别强调也有坦率目的,就是保证公众不要坚信伪科学。After Bachmann used an appearance on a television show to tell a story of a woman from Tampa, Florida, who said her daughter had become mentally retarded after getting an HPV vaccine designed to protect against cervical cancer, doctors said they feared the damage done may take many years to reverse.巴赫曼曾在一期电视节目中描写了佛罗里达州坦帕市一位女性的故事,这位女性说道自己的女儿在疫苗防治宫颈癌的HPV病毒疫苗后智力幼稚。


节目播映后,医生回应担忧节目的相反影响不会持续多年。The review also highlighted a bizarre quote from TV personality Polizzi, who declared recently: I dont really like the beach. I hate sharks, and the waters all whale sperm. Thats why the oceans salty.这期总结总结还着重指出了电视名人波利兹的黑色幽默言论。波利兹最近声称:我何必讨厌海滩。我怨鲨鱼,海水里仅有是鲨鱼精液,所以才那么咸。

Simon Boxall, a marine expert and oceanographer dismissed Polizzis suggestion. It would take a lot of whale sperm to make the sea that salty, he said.海运专家兼任海洋学家西蒙伯克斯尔驳斥了这一言论。他说道:必须过于多鲸鱼精液才能使海水变咸。

Some of the most intriguing pseudo-scientific suggestions came via repeated second hand information picked up at parties never the most reliable source.一些最有意思的伪科学建议得自舞会中经数次自述的二手消息,这从不是最可信的消息源。Christian Louboutin, a French footwear designer, was taken with something a fellow party guest told him about shoes.一位舞会宾客告诉他了法国鞋类设计师克里斯托鲁布托一个有关鞋子的消息,令其他著迷。


She said that what is sexual in a high heel is the arch of the foot, because it is exactly the position of a womans foot when she orgasms. So putting your foot in a heel, you are putting yourself in a possibly orgasmic situation, he explained.他说明说道:她说道高跟鞋的性感之处在于脚部的弓形,因为女性性高潮时脚部就是这种姿势。所以穿着上高跟鞋,你就处在了有可能超过性高潮的姿势。Kevan Wylie, a consultant in sexual medicine, responded drily that its important to differentiate cause from effect. A womans foot may be in this position during orgasm, but that does not mean that putting her foot into this position under other circumstances will result in orgasm, he said.性药物顾问凯万维利嘲讽地对此称之为,认清因果很最重要。